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I was able to use this site to meet someone amazing who totally ‘got’ me and now we are happily living together. I left the church because I felt disillusioned and unhappy but needed to find someone who understood where I was coming from.I found an amazing fellow ex Mormon though this site and have never looked back. I joined the site as an ex Mormon looking for a same-sex partner.There you will be able to enter your zipcode to see a list of Ex-Mormon Meetup groups in your area.If there is not an Ex-Mormon Meetup group in your area, this website will give you a list of people who have signed-up to be notified when a Meetup group is started.When I read the New Testament, I discovered that Mormonism departs from biblical Christianity. Temple-worthiness requires good works: live a health code, attend church, tithe, profess faith in Joseph Smith and modern-day prophets and apostles, stay away from apostates, wear the authorized priesthood temple garments, and marry a worthy Mormon in the temple.

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Together, they cited information from 12 references.

She and Michael started a ministry to former Mormons and have written two books, Lynn took the time to talk with us about things like the difference between Mormonism and Christianity, why Mormons are so nice, and what goes on in temple rituals. Some folks think Mormonism is just a slight variation from orthodox Christianity.

Can you briefly describe three central ways that Mormon beliefs are different from orthodox Christianity? Mormonism teaches the only way to eternal life with our heavenly Father is to join Mormonism and faithfully attend Mormon temples.

I have now met a wonderful man, been out on a number of dates with him and am living my life to the full. I was brought up as a Mormon but decided to walk away from the Church when I became an adult and was able to make my own decisions.

This site has helped me meet many fascinating people with similar stories to mine.

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