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That is why these sites were created in the first place, but just like everything else in this world – there are winners and losers, and this one was less than impressive.

Being contacted by escorts is not something that we really expected, but let me tell you – it really turned us off from the entire site all together.

Additionally, going through our inbox, there were some scams happening, which of course is what all of us are trying to avoid at all costs.

However, many users of these so-called 'fake' dating sites have commented on that they were able to meet genuine people with the help of these sites.

These sites include those that are beneficial to the people at large, and also those that can only criticize the good work done by others.

is one such site that is dubious and makes us question its true 'agenda'.

The ratio of men to women was not exactly what we expected earlier.

When we had tested the sites that were listed above, we had a much easier time finding people that we would hookup with.

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