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Like Neal Cassady, the Beat figure whom Dean is based on, Hedlund grew up in the heartland, spending his childhood on a farm so remote that you have to fly into Fargo and drive three hours away to find it.

Born as the youngest child to Robert Martin Hedlund and Kristine Anne, the actor was raised alongside his brother and sister on a beef cattle ranch near the small town of Wannaska, Minnesota.

The winner of the 2011 ‘Actor of the Year’ Young Hollywood Award, Hedlund is also adored by millions for his beautiful green eyes and charming personality.

Sources told the outlet that the “American Horror Story” co-stars had been heading towards a breakup after their 7-year relationship, but that it wasn’t a bad split. The sources also said Peters has reportedly moved out.

In his tenth grade, Hedlund moved to Arizona where he worked as a waiter to pay for his private acting classes.

Today, he has emerged as a successful artist, contributing to the entertainment industry as a talented actor and model.

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