Guide to dating curt teich postcards

Altogether, the Newberry Library received approximately 2.5 million total items including near 500,000 postcard images.

On April 3, 2017, the Curt Teich Postcard Archives Collection was opened to researchers.

Curt Teich (March 1877 - 1974) was a printer who produced popular color postcards, primarily of scenes from American life.

The Teich Company was said to have been the world's largest printer of view and advertising postcards.

Postcard producers printed cards that followed the current trends of postcards.

The following list is postage for postcards mailed within the United States.

The Private Mailing Card Act of May 19, 1898, stipulated that private mailing cards measure 3.25 x 5.5 inches.

Teich is best known for its "Greetings From" postcards with their big letters, vivid colors, and bold style.

The Curt Teich Postcard Archives Collection is hosted by The Newberry Library in Chicago.

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