Guide to dating european men common dating issues for young poeple

Now generally I don’t mind treating girls, especially in cheap countries but I don’t like to set the precedent of being a meal ticket for anyone – especially someone I barely know.

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There was another major drawback to Ukrainian girls that I had never experienced before (maybe I was lucky before or maybe I was unlucky this time?Always make sure you pick the places and you’re familiar with the menu – she will order anything and everything she wants so know what you’re getting yourself into.That’s just the reality of the situation here, your Ukrainian girlfriend can and will do some great things for you – you just cant realistically expect her to contribute financially.Let’s talk about the other major point of interest – the women!I seem to remember Ukraine as being the best of the best in that category but these days it seems to have lost its title, I expect it still applies in Odessa but something seems to have gone wrong in Kiev…

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