Guillaume canet dating marion cotillard

She made her television acting career with a minor role in the series in 2011.Since then, she has released several singles and duets and she has appeared in numerous movies and TV films.Canet has a passion for horses and hoped to be a professional horserider.Unfortunately, an accident at 18 derailed those dreams and he went into acting.They have two children together and its a boy and younger one is a girl.They named their son Marcel who was born on and daughter Louise Canet who was born on 10 March 2017.Canet is also a driector, with four feature films on his resume.He made his debut with 2002’s Mon Idole, which starred Kruger.

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She went to Drama at Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique in Orléans, France and graduated in 1994.Canet and Cotillard have starred in two movies together.In 2003, they both starred in Love Me If You Dare and they teamed up again for 2009’s The Last Flight.Talking about her previous relationships, she dated the French actor Julien Rassam back in the 1990s. After that, she dated another French actor Stéphan Guérin-Tillié from 2000 to 2005.After that breakup, she dated French singer Sinclair from 2005 to 2007.

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