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"If I took time to form a relationship, it's gonna hurt when we move on, but are you puttin' Wite-Out over all that beautiful time together?

" shortly after their public appearance, the actor said, "We swapped some music and she's a dear lady … Fast forward to 2019 where the actor finally came clean on Andy Cohen's , and she was one of the biggest pop stars of the time, so it's no wonder the world went nuts when Colin Farrell and Britney Spears made their red carpet debut together in January of 2003. He's the cutest, hottest thing in the world — wooh! But it was nothing serious." We're guessing that the star was spotted out with Rihanna at the Kate Mantilini restaurant in Beverly Hills in 2007.

She's rubbed elbows with a lot of Hollywood's finest throughout the years, but did you know she also went on a date with Donald Trump?

, where she admitted to going on a single date with Trump back in college.

Michael Jackson and Madonna combined their legendary forces back in 1991 and graced the Oscars red carpet together — looking like decadent perfection.

The pair appeared absolutely glamorous, with the King of Pop sporting a bedazzled tux, and the material girl looking like a '90s Marilyn Monroe.

The duo, which we're more used to seeing bicker on the show, actually had their very own rendezvous years ago — kind of.

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If that piece of celebrity goss isn't enough to leave your mouth agog, don't worry, we have something even better for you.But a surprising star to add to his roster of flames? Not the first time he's been linked with a Victoria's Secret beauty, the "In My Feelings" singer opened up to Ellen De Generes about his one date with the supermodel. We went to Disneyland in disguise actually, which was fun." and I'm like, 'I can't believe it.' And then my phone is hitting up. We're still pals." However, there's one celeb who allegedly didn't fall for his charm.After babbling praise about his exes, La Beouf spilled that he went on one date with former Disney star, Hilary Duff.We've rounded up some bizarre and swift encounters that most of us blinked and missed while they were happening.From a disastrous sushi date between two ex-Disney stars to a certain legendary crooner who got the King of Pop tipsy, read on to discover some unlikely celeb couples who never made it past the first date.

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