Hot dating with tieria erde

Summary: During the course of our lives we have been through so much.

She's one of the characters of some Japanese series.As she stared at Allelujah he was dressed in black jeans with a untucked white shirt followed by an open orange casual dress shirt and brown boots. "Marie, it is usually traditional for the man to pick up the girl for the date".Marie looked back sadden in a playful way "but I really missed you last night and I couldn't wait to come over".But upon hanging up a brilliant cyclone of green light appeared within Setsuna room which revealed a worried looking Tieria Erde."is it really all right? " replied Setsuna"I mean letting Allelujah go through with what he is planning" said Tieria.Setsuna looked towards Tieria as if confused to what he said.

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