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My sexual relationships with my two children never dwindled over the years.

It was good to have two lovers I could always rely on; the taboo nature always a huge turn on for all three of us and it was our little family secret.

I had done what I could to get and keep Steve’s attention. Read On Added: | Category: Seduction | Avg Score: 4.67 | Words: 2,049 | Tags: no sex listening learning lusting | 1 Comment Bob wasn't sure Mary would swap, if he only knew.

Bob wasn’t sure if he should even begin to bring the subject up to Mary.

The morning after that night together, all are a bit groggy at breakfast. Read On Added: | Category: BDSM | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 3,149 | Tags: dom sub romance lesbian spanking | 3 Comments Between apartments.

The man above her was wearing a ski mask and he slammed into her with such force, it bordered on painful.

Kate turned her head to look at her phone, it displayed a text from Gwen which read, "Sorry, had to visit my doctor and it took forever, on my way." Kate knew Gwen for years and this was nothing like her.

First of all, Kate was never late, the girl was a living, breathing,...

It was the same book he always worked on when he was idle, writing, changing his mind and rewriting,...

Read On Added: | Category: Interracial | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 8,824 | Tags: black male asian woman white woman brazilian woman white male oral masturbation | 1 Comment Beth plays with friends and seduces her daddy.

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