I am dating a rock star

I love what I do, and I’m lucky enough to be business oriented with the opportunity to live in the moment. Five months ago the keyboard player was going to move in with me and my boyfriend. We still talk for hours every day, have incredible sex, and instead of harming each others careers like we feared, we’re actually making each others lives better.

Someone I know expresses surprise that this couple didn’t have what it took to make it in the long run. Viewed through that light, the demise of their relationship (and ANY Hollywood relationship, for that matter) is about the most predictable thing in the world. He’s willing to sleep with his (jailed) friend’s girlfriend. On the plus side, he’s a good guy who treats you well — and why not? How smart can a woman be to make the kind of guy who would go to jail her boyfriend?

He spent years and over a hundred thousand dollars to learn all these secrets, strategies, mindsets and techniques.

Now he wants to share all of them with other men, so they can have his skill set without having to spend a decade of their life and all that cash.

That is just a fancy way of saying he helps guys meet and date the women they desire.

He has worked alongside Master NLP Coaches, Top Performance Coaches and Social Psychologists.

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