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It has been so called because many a visitor to the Yoshiwara has looked regretfully back as he passed the willow tree, feeling reluctant to leave the pleasures of the quarter and to be separated from his fair, even though frail, inamorata. The name of " Yoshiwara Jinja " was given to the new shrine and it has been made the guardian shrine of the " enclosure." Every twelve days, on the day of the horse, the festival of this shrine is celebrated, crowds of people visit the neighbourhood including sundry itinerant dealers known as " ennichi akindo " (festival dealers) and the f Ste has become one of the popular features of the Yoshiwara. Later on, a person named Chiba Kurosuke removed it to a space on the border of a paddy-field, and since the establishment of the Yoshiwara, in the era of Keicho (1596-1614), this Inari became the guardian deity of the pro- stitude quarter.* Trees planted in this manner by the authorities were called " goyo-boku," or " government trees." Lacquer trees are poisonous, and the sap produces a severe rash on the skin if handled. According to the " Shimpen Yedo-shi," {MMU^J^i^-) the Kurosuke Inari was in the old Yoshiwara, having been founded in the 4th year of Wad5? Again, according to the " Kwagai Manroku " i^^^MW) the shrine of the Kurosuke Inari was situated be- neath Ky O-machi Ni-ch O-me since its removal from the old to the new Yoshiwara, and about the era of Tenna (1681-1683) it began to be called " Kurosuke " Inari because a man called Kurosuke lived in front of the building.We take no responsibility for the phrases entered by surfers.Cornell University Library The original of this book is in the Cornell University Library.Shu-shin saki ni tsuzu ryoko no to^ei," or freely translated into English : — " A dream of Spring-tide when the streets are full of the cherry blossotns.

" The bank commenced at 3hoden-ch O in the West and Yoshino-machi (Asakusa) in the East, and extended to Harajuku (Shitaya), the total length being 834 Ken (5004 feet), the width of the road 10 Ken (60 feet) and the horse-path 5 Ken on the average (30 feet). {Gazing Willotv-tree.) This well-known willow-tree stands at the entrance of Go-jik-ken-machi, on the left, below the Nihon-dsutsumi. Formerly there was on this site a shrine called Yoshitoku Inari, but of late years the Enomoto Inari (at the corner of Yedo-ch O Ni-cho-me) the Kai-un Inari (at the corner of Ky O-machi, It-ch O-me) the Kurosuke Inari (at the corner of Ky O-machi Ni-ch O-me) and the Akashi Inari at the corner of Yedo-ch O Ni-ch O-me — Fushimi-cho) were all amalgamated into one.Fukuchi Genichir O (a well-known playwright) better known under his nam de plume of " Ochi Koji ": — m^i Emmmmm.urn ^mm ^^i m m " Shum-mu masa ni kamayaka nari, mangai no o-un.There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. T6D27 1905 The sexual life of Japan *erng an exhau 3 1924 012 541 797 THE SEXUAL LIFE OF JAPAN THE SEXUAL LIFE OF JAPAN BEING AN EXHAUSTIVE STUDY OF THE NIGHTLESS CITY 1^ ^ m Or the "HISTORY of THE YOSHIWARA YUKWAKU " By J, E.DE BECKER "virtuous men hiive siitd, both in poetry and ulasslo works, that houses of debauch, for women of pleasure and for atreet- walkers, are the worm- eaten spots of cities and towns.

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