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The Belitung (Tang or Batu Hitam) shipwreck sank on its way back from China around 830 AD.The ship contained untold treasures of gold and silver and the first Chinese underglaze blue and white dish known to mankind.A large proportion of the most important finds were exhibited at the Asian Civilisation's Museum in Singapore, in 2016.Only a few yards from this spot at the river banks of the Chang River, flowing through the city of Jingdezhen, the Chinese Imperial kiln was built during the Yuan dynasty.Global and worldwide group of friends and a place where we all are equal but in different stages of learning. Expert moderated, Post your own questions - unlimited participation, no spam, no advertising, no Google indexing, no tracking.Do your own research among our 300,000 old posts and pictures. Today pm Hi Neil, hi Jim, I must admit I don't see this as Fukagawa/Koransha ei ...So much in fact that the city of Jingdezhen are now said to rest on a thick layer of porcelan shards, 30 feet deep or more in places, we were told.In 1992 I was invited invited to take part in a study expedition to visit the excavations of the former Imperial Porcelain Kiln, together with Professor Bo Gyllensvärd and two friends.

An ever growing list of recommended books on antique Japanese and Chinese Pottery and Porcelain. This section will just show a few recent and a few classic books that in my view deserve a place in any collector's library.Probably the largest research library with authenticated antique Japanese and Chinese porcelain in the world. Subscribe at .95 USD per month, or a full year at only USD. A good rather common qingbai with two fishes in the ... Today pm Neil, Southern Viet Nam was my first impression. Today pm Dear All, Here is another recently acquired bowl. Large Q&A Porcelain Info Section with pictures of Chinese and Japanese porcelains, popular styles, shapes and decorations.Sign Up Visit Board Today am Hi Neil, I agree with Andy. Today am Hi Neil, certainly not Japanese, from any era. Today am Hi, The process of making a print is still (in japan) the same as i ... Please see Ask a Question on how to summit your own questions.This very beautiful lady is stunning but also smart and articulate.Our Swedish, petite, playful and sensual Connie is an exotic girl with a fun-loving personality and seductive good looks.

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