Intimidating names for places

Ndamukong Suh is currently one of the bad-boys of the NFL thanks to his dirty hits on quarterbacks and the now-infamous stomping incident.

Suh is intimidating at first glance, and his name doesn't help matters.

In his career to date Jammer has recorded 18 interceptions and 560 tackles.

Chalk up Boss Bailey as another player with an intimidating name but no skill set to reinforce said intimidation.

Bailey spent the majority of his career with the Detroit Lions.

He played five seasons total before hanging up the cleats, recording only seven sacks and 225 tackles.

Anyone with the name Zoltan has to be an intimidating figure in the football world as long as they aren't a punter.

Unfortunately for the New England Patriots' Zoltan Mesko, he's a punter.

Any defensive lineman with the first name "Tank" is bound to be a massive human being and a nightmare matchup for the offense.At least half of the game of football at the professional level is mental.Intimidation can give some players a mental edge over their opponents.His name fits nicely with his massive measurements at 6'6" and 310lbs.This is one of those cases where a unique name can intimidate.

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