Is tim tebow still dating camilla belle

The Tebow may have believed he could tame Culpo, who he reportedly met in church through mutual friends.

Culpo, meanwhile, may well have thought she could tempt another grown man—a grown man with his own brain and free will—into a more intimate relationship.

They reportedly bowled together and flirted up a storm.

Sources on the scene said they were very lovey dovey, and seemed to be an item.

Jonas kept his purity ring intact until shortly after he began dating Culpo.

Tebow was also reported to have gone on a few dates with another famous ex of Joe's, Taylor Swift, in 2012.

None of those relationships lasted, so maybe it's time he found another…or hit up Selena Gomez or Gigi Hadid.

And, it's possible that these two have been together (or at least hanging out) since May! It's unclear if they met that night or were together before that, but there's photo evidence from the evening.

Of course, Tebow and Belle have been mum on the subject.

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