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’ How it can all turn in a nano second." Jade popped up as a contestant on quiz show , where participants brought their family members, and the couple lived together with Jade's two sons, Freddie and Bobby Jack, who were just four and five when Jade died.

She shared the boys with her previous partner, TV presenter Jeff Frazier, 40, who has appeared on Jade married Jack Tweed shortly before she died Jade died of cervical cancer on 22 March 2009 at the age of 27.

for yu "jade" dates back to circa 11th century BCE oracle bone script from the late Shang dynasty, when it depicted pieces of jade hanging on a string.

Chinese characters most commonly combine a radical, such as the "jade radical" 玉 or 王, that suggests meaning and a phonetic that hints at pronunciation.

Native sources in Henan and along the Yangtze were exploited since prehistoric times and have largely been exhausted; most Chinese jade today is extracted from the northwestern province of Xinjiang.

Plus, her widower Jack and other family and friends, including Jeff, will weigh in on their experiences of life with Jade.

Chosen to be an Elite Protege with The Pulse on Tour for the 2010-2011 season, she is a dancer who performed as a member of E-Kidz, was featured in the Microsoft Surface commercial, and was a cast member in the Monsters of Hip-Hop show Shadows. She started dancing when she was 2 years old and knew at the age of 9 that dancing is what she wanted to devote her life to.

The "jade radical" frequently occurs in characters for names of gemstones (e.g., bì 碧 "green jade; bluish green" and shānhú 珊瑚 "coral"), and occasionally for words denoting "preciousness" (bǎo Jade has been used in virtually all periods of Chinese history and generally accords with the style of decorative art characteristic of each period.

Its deep significance in Chinese culture has deemed it worthy of being symbolic of ancient Chinese ethics and ideologies and also representative of the progression of Chinese culture.

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