Jesse dating now

Alexis is a college student at NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology. So far, it remains unclear how Jesse and Alexis met or if they are indeed an item.

Insiders told Soap Dirt they are in a relationship and the pair chats publicly on social media.

In fact, the Dutch reality star always posts life-affirming messages, encouragement, and awareness to inspire people all around the world.

Alexis also mentioned in one of her videos that she was “in toxic relationships in the past that ate [her] alive” – – something that Jesse can relate to.

He was best known for a mistake he made during his first rose ceremony.

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Such a beautiful country, filled with warm and caring people, fantastic food/wine and breathtaking landscapes.

He’s expressing his admiration for his rumored new girl, Alexis Ardolino.

fans were quick to spot Jesse’s flirty comments on several of Alexis’ Instagram posts, suggesting that something romantic is going on between them.

In another post, the Looking at Alexis’ Instagram page, it’s easy to tell that the stunning young New Yorker and college student definitely aligns to Jesse’s ideal woman.

Interestingly, his ex, Darcey Silva, also possesses almost the same physique as when Jesse was dating her at the start of season one on were quick to notice the uncanny resemblance of Alexis Ardolino and Darcey Silva.

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