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It is about finding someone who loves the Lord and wants to grow with you, because you have already been growing together.

The checklist is artificially created and includes qualities one supposes one wants in a spouse.

”“I am not the kind of girl boys like because I am too (ambitious, smart, career-minded, shy, over weight) fill in the blank.

Guys only seem to go for one kind of girl.”The women also told us that too many of the boys are not living the kind of lives they would want in a husband.

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You cannot know someone until you’ve spent some time with them—and early dates should not be an audition for marriage.Instead of knowing someone’s heart and mind, it is easy to revert to the checklist. But we human, flawed people are looking for an ideal mannequin.The problem with checklists, too, is that they reflect perfectionism. Marriage is about loving someone else’s very being, about understanding their impulses, about respecting their choices, about having enough shared experiences that you want to continue doing this for an eternity.When young singles think they are, they become terribly stressed and date much less.You can date someone many times whom you don’t marry.

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