Looking single muslim women for dating

I read the Qur'an and can understand & translate it (verses) somewhat as I have studied Arabic. Personable and friendly but please do not hesitate to remind me if I am not.

Quite a good listener, a self-starter and proactive in many aspects (hehe) but I am also a slow determined learner.

I am also a punctual person and I appreciate those who are punctual.

I dislike lateness and always do my best to be on time for any meeting or appointments, whether personal meeting or meetings related with work. Just do what I feel like doing, but of course doing things that would not cause concern to my loved ones (the practical part of me always wins).

Currently exploring ways to provide my children a stable, Islamic environment to grow up in biiznillah.

I personally believe that Trust and Respect are the foundation of any relationship.

I have a positive and strong personality and I like to encourage and motivate my partner. In a sense, marriage is the beginning of becoming a better person.

I’m looking to settle down with my other half if he meets my criteria. So when we search for the right spouse, we need to be a good and sincere person first; find a good decent and sincere spouse that both can grow together in to a righteous husband and wife!

I wanna wo­rk together with my man in­ achieving Jannah. I ­will try to make my man th­e happiest man alive.­ I will refrain him fro­m the bad n guide him t­o the good.

When I sa­y I love u I accept u­ completely ur every ­dream ur every desire­.

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