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The world is becoming so much more expansive and interesting. I would like to think I’m quite plastic in the sense that I want to try new things. I’ve only won a fight because of thinking, not aggression. You need aggression to do it but it’s the mind that works the best.

There are so many different kinds of opportunities out there that our skillset can be applied to. The last thing I really loved doing was the Blade Runner 2049 films and, boy, I was loving that. Den [Denis Villeneuve] is a great director and he’s letting me play in his sandbox.

I try to talk about this whenever I can for brands because I think it’s worth understanding.

Products and services now are one thing, but products and services of the future - how we can improve the world that we live in, how do you want to show up in that? If you don’t see it after this you’re a moron.’ I was really heartened by that. I accept the challenge because I recognised through my work at 3AM that there was a better way to conduct ourselves in terms of a business model.

Care had to be taken as to the nature of these artificial beings, and how it fitted into the franchise.

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That makes him a very good fantasy player for his position, and he is definitely someone you would want on your team.’ We looked at top of the range auto advertising, Audi and BMW, but we didn’t have the time or budget so it was all shot in-camera, apart from the backdrop.When we were shooting I hadn’t found any locations that would work, but the production designer Chris Seagers had luckily made this incredible backdrop so we used that.and we spent our summer holiday walking around in these miniature space suits (Ridley apparently used his children as doubles for scale, to appear further away).I became very exposed to this sci-fi thing, and I’ve followed the other films.

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