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Tristan says it is important not to take on someone else’s issue on as our own.

It is easy to create stories about our worth based on other peoples actions. We can only speak up for what we want with integrity based on our core values.

Tristan says if something has offended you, consider if it goes against one of your core values and how long will it actually bother you.

We can’t fix other people we can only speak our truths.

A visit to department store and popular fashion websites are bound to find a style suitable for nearly anyone.

Accessorized or plain, ultra high-heeled or flat, suede or smooth or patent leather, riding or western stylings, it's almost difficult to identify an actual trend this season.

She is the Founder of Life Lab, a women’s self-development sanctuary in Hermosa Beach.

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Listening to our inner voice and translating it into our outer voice is an actual skill.Here's a very small sampling of what's out there in booties.Look for more bodacious boots on Beans Talk, at a later date.Beans Talk News: Daily news on fashion, beauty, film, television, books -- all media -- and anything else of relevant interest.(View the current month in its news entirety by clicking the date under Archives.)" (scroll down to last Thursday to check out the pic).

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