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I installed fluxbox before a recent version was available, and now I want to uninstall the binary compiled package so I can install the debian package I see in apt-get... is there a special uninstallation procedure for a non-debian package?

xero: apt-get is a command for downloading applications which are available through the repositories.

But it misses obvious packages like It just seems so bizarre that there's no dependency graphs anywhere I could consult. I need to remove several hundred MB of stuff from the Live CD to make room for . And I have been trying to run apt-get after restarting and all for the past few days and when streaming some radio station...i set up certain cache size for th estreaming..example 65 buffers 64kbytes and reproduce..what happens when it reaches the max cache size?

The package databases list the first-level dependencies of any given package, but not the dependencies of those depdendencies. What I need it to do is take the list of every single package installed, remove the ones that serve as dependencies to others, and present me with the remaining ones. The longer I work at this, the more I like the idea of manually looking up every package and checking its dependencies. ...i store lots of recording or the cache resets itself and start over when it gets to its max? (don't flame pls)I have a Internal capable v.92 Fax modem (winmodem), and I've installed the suggested driver (although it was an RPM, I alien'ed it) and it created a /dev/modem but when I pon (I've already pppconfig'd), it says unrecognized option: /dev/modemimaek: under windows if you ahve the drivers installed, you could open hyperterminal and fire AT commands at it to find out what it is..

They may feel they need it but chances are it's based on their choices (we all have free will) down the line and nothing more.

If they wanted to they could stop using M$ stuff, it's that simple, only through their chain of choices do they themselves make it complex and "NEED"ify it.lotusleaf: but the problem with your argument is that very few of the "needs" that we commonly talk about are actually "needs" in your sense ...

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"a" for all packages (not just libs) and "z" to show sizes. it should only take a full day or two if I hurry.fossa: because I'm customizing the livecd. Under Gnome there are white shimmering dots all over the screen when viewing videos and under kde the dots appear where the mouse moves to and in window bars..nickrud, i would not be able to cut and paste because the system is remote and seems that the internet is down, i was just in.

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system is the name of the computer or i leave it that way example system_mike ?

I'm having some problems with my internet connection and I hope maybe someone can give me the solution.

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