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Kendall's mother is the only parent shown on a regular basis while his father is not mentioned.Kendall has a crush on Jo from the very beginning she came to L. and by insisting on Jo to give him a chance they soon after become a couple.He is kind, helpful and always there for his friends and also he is shown to be good at maintaining relationships, as he shares great friendships with the boys, his sister and his mother.In the season 2 finale "Big Time Move" while he was singing Lucy winked at him and he seemed to be slightly shocked.

She wanted to take James to be the CEO of her cosmetic line but the boys and their moms found a way for James to be kept in L. It is revealed though that he has trouble saying no to her and is a Mama's boy.She then said if they ask her to host next year, she'll definitely consider it.Kendall Knight (Kendall Schmidt) is the leader and founder of Big Time Rush (despite being the youngest) when he accepts to move to Los Angeles and record demos only if Gustavo brings James, Carlos, and Logan along to make them all a band.He is portrayed as the glue that keeps the band together.He manages to stay cool under pressure (described as "Cool Rush") and figure out solutions to problems, thus often resulting in the other guys running to Kendall when they have a problem, being the most mature and responsible member of Big Time Rush.

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