Ms access prevent a form from updating a validated record

The problem is, this seems to prevent the Calendar subform from receiving some of its events. The bigger events like previous and next month are small buttons. I know that the Calendar works as it is used elsewhere in the application as a subform and in that place the events fire just fine. Is there a way to get this form/subform combination working so that I don't end up creating a new record before I am ready. the only option I am aware of is to manually load and save your records, ie change all your textboxes etc to unbound in the oncurrent event manually populate the data in the textboxes.

when you want to save copy the data from the textboxes back into invisible bound textboxes and mannualy save the record You can't, as soon as the subform gets focus, the main form will update. As noted using a dialog form that pops up a calendar and let user select the date and then have the form return the value back to the calling code from the form (so you can make a "general routine" that works for any date control. However as noted Access has always saved record automatic when going from main form to sub form.

Go to Tools/Options - Keyboard tab and on "Move After Enter" select "Next Field" There are Key Press and Key Down events that you can use to trap the Enter key too but that's more work. Get Option "Move After Enter" 'get current setting Application.

Set Option "Move After Enter", 0 'don't move Application.

Any errors or omissions will be highlighted with a message alongside the relevant field. The purpose of the form is to capture user details (name, address, and email) to obtain feedback (on fruit consumption and favorite fruit) and request a brochure.

The name, address, and email fields are text renders the input as a radio button. This is because collectively the radio buttons should be treated as a group (the user should select either 0, or 1, or 2, etc.). Its value is presented as its label, and clicking on it will trigger the form submission.

I have a form in a booking system which contains a subform which is a replica of the old Active X calendar control that Access 2010 doesn't have anymore. As I said I don't want that to happen before I am ready.

However I don't want that record written until I am sure that all the data is properly validated. If the user clicks on the calendar to select a new date, my master forms Before_Update event fires - indicating that Access is trying to save the forms contents.

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These inputs will be validated to ensure, for example, that the user has entered their name.It's an ADO recordset you create in memory, not bound to any data source.You can add a command button to save your changes on command.The form is created using HTML and validation and processing of the form’s contents is done with PHP.The goal is to teach you some basic HTML form elements and how their data is accessible to you in your PHP scripts.

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