Science subjects included Higher Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Arts subjects included English Literature, any of the languages, regular Mathematics, History, Geography, Physiology/Hygiene and Domestic Science. Extracurricular activities included dramatics, elocution, sports including swimming.

The first new wing in the late 1950s was built along the railway line with a new assembly hall and stage. In the 1960s, ZBMM was changed to BMMF (Bible Medical Missionary Fellowship) and the number of foreign teachers decreased.

The building started out as L-shaped with a junior and high school assembly hall/gymnasium.

A choice of French, Sanskrit or Persian was mandatory from standards 5 though 8.

For the latter, students had to elect courses either in the Sciences or the Arts in the 9th standard.

The student body came from a range of income levels as the school subsidized the fees for certain students.

Students were not permitted to use that staircase and the whole wing was out of bounds.

Queen Mary School is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations for the class 10 Board exams.

Sports, drama, elocutions and other contests were held between the houses.

The school uniform was a white pinafore with three box pleats in the front and three in the back.

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