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Like when you don’t get offered a glass of wine (which you need to calm your nerves) at dinner with his family.Or like how you can’t even kiss during daylight hours during Ramadan.This has to do with age discrimination which is very evident in Muslim dating.By the age of 25, the “alarm bell” is ringing for Muslim women.At first, they wanted her to marry a Palestinian man. When talking about Muslim dating, it is important to remember there is a big difference between the rules of Islam, and the rules associated with tradition and culture. Like how Islam says that it is permitted for a man to marry a non-Muslim woman.Islam may permit this, but the man’s culture and family may forbid it completely.While men have their own social and cultural problems to bear (I would never want the responsibility that comes with being a first-borne Muslim son! They aren’t going to be judged as harshly for dating outside the Muslim faith, or for dating at all.

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The general conservative opinion is that it is forbidden, since the faith is passed down through the man.

But they definitely aren’t in secluded places together.

If you are coming from a Western culture, then some of cultural aspects of dating a Muslim can be incredibly strange (or downright difficult).

Islam allows Muslim men to date outside of the faith.

In fact, it is often encouraged as it is believed that the woman will convert to Islam.

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