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In early 2013, I started my university studies in West Jakarta.

It was challenging because I was one of the few international students and they didn’t have any international programs; meaning everything was in Bahasa Indonesia.

I spent much of my childhood with relatives, because my mom left for Indonesia to pursue trading opportunities when I was nine years old, leaving me with my grandmother.

Shortly after that, my grandmother travelled to Norway for medical treatment, so I stayed with an uncle until I reached high school.

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It was pretty OK for me, since The Gambia is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa.But thanks to my Indonesian friends, I was speaking Bahasa Indonesia fluently after my first year here. I haven’t gone back to The Gambia, as my mom and sister are living here, and they are the closest to me in my family, apart from my grandmother, who passed away two years after I moved to Indonesia. Sure, I miss home, but I am always connected to relatives and friends through social media and other platforms, so I don’t feel the need to go back to visit.What are some similarities between Indonesia and The Gambia?This is one of the most long-standing hotels in the area.It is also one of the few that is both locally owned and managed.

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