My crush is dating someone else

Take a step back and realize that they can't help not being into you right now as much as you can't help being into them. So there's no need to go thinking that you're foolish and naiive because of the circumstances you're in. He or she may have flirted with you or given you the attention you've been craving.Sorry for repeating myself a million times but I can't stress this enough and I'm trying to make you feel less bad. In your head this is like a big green light saying go get 'em.You might try and slide in there or hit on your crush, because they really should be with you right?You might do lots of different reckless and annoying things because you're crushing so bad. It's not worth losing sight of your morals or embarrassing yourself for the sake of somebody who you just can't be with right now. If the couple is as strong as they oh so annoyingly appear to be all of your efforts will be to no avail.It might be the way they're so kind to others or the way they're so smart and talented or any other number of reasons. Just because you secretly want them doesn't mean you shouldn't be friends.Don't stop respecting them for not being with you either.

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Also, you might just end up hearing the things you don't want to hear i.e. It would be so easy to let the green-eyed monster get the better of you in this situation.Anybody who finds out about what you've been trying to do will also think you're a bad person.You'll also feel like a bad person for doing it because really you are a bad person for even attempting something like that.You're basically just torturing yourself by doing this and it will only be upsetting if you're really into that person.Try to resist, and if you're really struggling block them from your feed so you can't see all of the adorable pictures of them with their partner, grr! You might be just dying to ask them questions about your crush, about his or her relationship too.

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