Nick jonas and selena gomez are not dating

Justin went through a friend because he thought it might soften her up a bit with the mutual friend contacting her and sharing Justin’s heartfelt comments.

The friend encouraged Selena to meet with Justin so they could talk. She was actually excited that she finally felt a bit more confident going in now that she has another man in her life and because Justin was wanting to see her, rather than the other way around.

It looks like Annalisa Azaredo wants to keep her association with Nick Jonas away from prying eyes, but shutterbugs have already spotted them together in Sydney.

Serious or not, the duo are having a great time in beautiful Sydney.

This tough girl gamely carried on and she was soon back on her feet, enjoying a stroll with Jonas in the wonderful sunny weather.

The duo then had lunch, went to the beach, and went for drinks in the evening.

The gorgeous brunette studied biomedical sciences at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

He also shared that he was sad to have spent New Year’s Eve with someone else.

Selena took everything in and told Justin she needed time to think.

The relationship between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is quite sickening and dysfunctional.

Those loyal CDLers were not at all surprised by the dinner date between Justin and Selena last night as we told you that Justin couldn’t stand seeing Selena parading around on someone else’s arm.

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