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I should’ve put this here from the start, but better late than never, I guess.As someone who is working on an indie visual novel/otome, it's really really difficult, but doable, without a proper team/collab and with 10 characters/routes (maybe more with supporting casts).Totally voting for Casgil and Carmilla~ But, Casgil probably won't win in the face of so many waifus. I wouldn't mind helping if you have any questions, since I've been working with Renpy and my own (plus 2-3 others VNs; I do writing, coding, and drawing).I was going to end up making a short parody Gil dating sim (along the vein of CCC's "Can you talk with the King of Heroes") eventually anyway.

The links to those are below: The top 5 males and females (current number; might change) will be chosen. Edit: If a character confirmed to be a minor is chosen (Abby, Jack, Nursery Rhyme, etc.), romance will be minimal and no ecchi scenes for their path will be included.I'm not saying that OP or anyone should stop making fanworks.But what I am saying is not to misinterpret the Fair Use doctrine, and generally to just be careful.If you try and please everyone you’ll not only please no one, but you’ll give yourself some unneeded stress. If you want do do 16 things with servants like Abigail go for it!If someone doesn’t like it, that’s their problem, and let them deal with how they’re going to approach your project.

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