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“It’s about coming to understand the individual’s identity, having fun and feeling more independent.” Erickson also said that phase one is not the time to be thinking about marriage.

Erickson said that phase two usually starts when the individual is in college.

It’s normal to hope to get married during or shortly after college.

But it is equally important to think about what you are going to do if that doesn’t happen.

Erickson said when people understand that relationships tend to follow these three stages, they can focus more on improving themselves and being patient with the timing of their romantic relationships.

Sometimes, even when you are ready for marriage, the opportunity doesn’t present itself.

When you have a more realistic vision of what marriage is going to be like, you can better prepare for that time in your life as well as be okay with where you are in your life right now. Marriage is a wonderful goal to work towards, but it isn’t the end-all, be-all of life.

Understanding that things don’t always work out the way you want them to is a great first step to learning how to be content amidst any circumstance.

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“If it follows this script mentality, it isn’t really your story. “You’re not the one who is living and growing and deciding.

With all this to consider, how are you expected to find time to pick the best dating apps to bless with your presence?

An endless roster of actively seeking singles (even ones with really niche preferences) are now accessible on your commute, and profiles are swamped with Uber ratings, food preferences and requests that we follow these complete strangers on Instagram (like we weren't going to stalk you anyway).

Erickson said that dating relationships have three different phases, that can be very helpful in understanding personal development in dating.

“Seeing these three stages in a developmental frame can really help students,” said Erickson.

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