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Sometimes, breaking up over the phone or via text is just a cop out. I had no real reason for doing this other than the fact that I was a coward who hated confrontation.I still hate confrontation but now if I think about dumping someone over the phone when I could just as easily do it in person, I mostly think...Even if you’re on excellent form, the same doesn’t necessarily apply to the person on the other end of the phone.He or she might have just had an unexpected (and unwelcome) visit, or burnt the dinner.Honestly, it's selfish and rude and I regret ever having done it.Lori Salkin, dating coach and senior matchmaker at Saw You At Sinai.com, says there are only two times it's OK to break up with someone over the phone: She tells Elite Daily, "If you just started going out with someone, like fewer than five or six times, it is definitely OK to just call them to end it." You haven't spent that much time together and things aren't exactly serious.How will you react if the other person doesn’t seem too keen?How do you end the conversation if you feel the other person isn’t for you?

Although this situation calls for a more casual breakup, Salkin says don't even think about ghosting this person.

"You definitely should reach out to end it over the phone as it was enough time invested together to offer a two-minute phone call of thanks and validation," she explains. As for a long-term relationship, Salkin says, simply, "A phone call will not suffice." She adds, "If you have been dating someone for several months and it was a serious relationship, it is important to be fair if you are the one ending it, to give the other person closure, and to discuss why you feel it is best to end the relationship." (Oops.)Know that this is merely a technicality since you can definitely have a long-term relationship that is also long-distance.

But alas, breaking up over the phone is probably the easiest way to end your long-distance relationship.

You might wonder why, when you’ve prepared your list of questions, you should even consider talking about the weather, but it’s worth thinking about how you get to know someone in the normal course of things.

Do you work through a set of questions and subject them to some kind of an interrogation? Even if you talk about last week’s shopping list you’ll learn something about each other.

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