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What I like about Lansdowne the most, no, what I love about Lansdowne the most, is its welcoming environment, loving community, and diverse neighborhoods.I've spent my entire life in Lansdowne, and the borough I've grown up in has played a large role in my growth as an individual.While the police don't have a concrete presence in the neighborhood, they do respond quickly.

Everyone there are very welcoming and generally happy. very diverse( 50% black, 30% white, 14% percent Asians, and 5% all. ), east commute to the city, east access to the surrounding and store, overall rating is B- source (Delaware County safety niche), big houses, bigger streets, nice people.

The community is phenomenal and makes you feel very safe and connected.

This town is also label "The Refugee Capital of America" with having 1,300 people per capita.

At one point, there was a sighting of a suspicious car driving around and it spread around quickly, which helped the families with kids.

Even when the car disappeared, people still kept an eye on other people's children.

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