Pros cons dating younger man

Men want a woman who is grounded, confident and mature — but they often can’t find that in their own age bracket.On the flip side, women want a man who is ambitious, attentive and attractive.You won’t have to worry about his ex-wife and children — it will be all about the two of you.Men in their late 20s/early 30s generally aren’t as jaded as those that are older.

You can also easily find the couples with the age difference of 10 to 15 years.The younger a man is, the less “baggage” he carries.If you are dating a man in his 20s rather than his 40s, you probably won’t have decades of past relationships and other issues to deal with.Given those variables, it’s only logical that the older woman-younger man relationship can actually work.Here are some ways “cougars” and their “cubs” can make love last.

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