Rainie yang mike he dating

So the gossip about a potential Joseph and Rainie possible relationship has died down in Taiwan, only to be revived this morning by Next Magazine with the publication of a cover story that those two have been secretly dating for the last two months.

O___O I don’t know if I ought to believe the story and be thrilled, or take a wait and see approach.

Rainie has been focusing on her music career with a hot album and concerts lined up, while Joseph has dived into filming a movie with Kwai Lun Mei.After a coincidental encounter with the emperor, he makes his way into the Forbidden City and becomes a eunuch.Using his street smarts, he gains the trust of the emperor and slowly climbs his way up the social ladder, deftly managing various political agendas.Every year, during Chinese/Lunar New Year, some channels will air this series — from the first season all the way to the reboot — and my family and I will just huddle around and catch as many episodes as we can.It’s a show that’s got it all — silliness, romance, revenge, angst, action, and even an OST that’s still stuck in our heads so many years later.

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