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But it’s fun to use your cells that can help you get kills.For four years ago there wasn’t very strong cells but now? Some people even have 3 musketeerkings lvl 99, so all you have to do is to cell all of them and bam. The trading system is probably the worst I’ve seen in any game.This also prevents people from spamming potion heals.14) Juggling is a huge problem only when someone taunts after doing it. Just wait a second or 2 then swing/slash/stab/slice once and let the other player do it, then repeat.

What I don’t like about Rakion is that the game relies much on how much cash (in-game money) you buy, or how much you farm.

Fortunately, you can get your item back if you send a message to the GMs but you’ll have to provide with evidence such as screenshots. It can be very hard to stop playing the game once you have gotten good stuff and cells. People are just naive and think that you need real money to rape. 1) Game is based on luck (Mostly because the combos are less than 10 hits unless your a power user attacking someone with low attack speed, but even then I don’t even that consider that a combo, just same attack spam.) 2) Cells are a real problem in this game. People may say otherwise, but even when it looks like event cells may be the best, they come out with a counter part.

I’ll have to say that the graphics are quite good though. Post Date: Rating: 10 Author: Skylars Comment: Rakion is absolutely AWESOME!! Post Date: Rating: 9 Author: Thedarkboy Comment: I think Rakion is a great online MMORPG. It costs 1000-3000$ to be the best in the game, maybe even more.

There are really overpowered cells, like Musketeerking. Well, the game doesn’t really have a trading system, only a gift system. And ninja is the fastest but her attacks basic attacks are pretty weak.

If you want to trade with someone, you’ll have to buy a gold stamp or a cash stamp, depending if your item is bought with gold or cash. You can also turn into chaos mode and become stronger, which is good. I think that the graphics are very good but can be better.

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