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Filled up the dome (20 000 capacity) and Orlando stadium (40 000), something I doubt any other person on this list can do Lil Wine Lil Wine Africa is currently the game maintainer Lil Wine Africa is the best I don't know why is not number 1 I love lil wine Africa he is true big hip hop artist Lil Wine Africa is a parasite he grow along others Scientific Scientific lib speaks the truth,he talk abut things that happening around the world... Love him, love his music and I love his energy Only rapper in Africa besides HHP to have worked with Nas - Aliwal K. They won the best rap album award in South Africa, 2 years in a row.I think for me he's is the best rapper in Africa... K'naan One of the best rappers in Africa, ya'll ever heard him freestyle. He broke out and created the new trend that's ruling over Africa known as Skanda hip hop.Since its beginnings, hip-hop has been a Boys Club, with female MCs often ignored or pushed to the side, boxed into the background or assuming the "eye candy" role in music videos.However, talent simply can’t—nor should—be overlooked, and artists such as Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah have risen to international stardom in spite of hip-hop's often male-centric attitudes, producing undeniable classics along the way.I love how scientific can rap because he has control over the mic When it comes to professional rap scientific is the best and the mic gladiator He is the best rapper I have ever heard Proverb This guy was the first rapper the continent which I saw as a great inspiration. Last year (2015) he was voted the 2nd best rapper in Africa (which led to a lot of criticism).He's not only a great rapper but he's also got a great personality. D black is good in rap, how he arrange and the story line D-Black is cool but he shouldn't be on this list... He outshine your favourite rapper (AKA) on every track they've ever been on, and his best hit song has got more views (Youtube) than any song released by AKA.He is the king of rap in Cameroon Mboko God is number 1. Chef 187 He has to be amongst the top ten in Africa He's just so super creative the word play, metaphors no one compares. I don't think there is any rapper on this list with as much creative word play as this kid... His discography is epic and original, he created a new genre of rap "Mboko rap" and he's creativity is genius level. Jovi is so creative, he is the original of Mboko Rap,the rest is photocopy. Okmalumkoolkat Good flow good rhymes and a great sense of humor He is the worst rapper I have ever heard I don't know why he is in the list "It's the Zulu Michael Jackson".

If am been asked to share my opinion here I think this guy merit the top spot.

This dude has got the best charisma in the African rap game - cleff 2 out of 2 classic albums "Motswak Originator" & "Lost In Time" Cassper Nyovest 'Drops Hit after Hit, The only african hip hop artist to have 3 platinum albums' Just Dope #Mufasa I think casdper shares life in motion as motive.

Give the legend the spot which he deserves You a good rapper The Motswak Originator lost in time recently released one of the best rap album in RSA, "Lost in Time" or should I dare to say this decade's best rap release in Africa (so far).

Manifest He is simply the best after sarkodie is no more Yh m.

dot is the best I think manifest should follow Africa best rapper sarkodie Only two rappers in Africa.

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