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He might not have known what he was getting himself into, but soon he would become a huge star thanked to that crush.

The auditions for the role of Edward, the attractive century-old vampire who falls in love with human Bella, weren’t exactly what you’d call traditional.

These fans weren’t only going crazy for them as Edward and Bella – their on-screen chemistry was so strong, fans were rooting for them to get together for real.

However, at that time Kristen was still dating her longtime boyfriend, actor Michael Angarano, whom she met at the set of Speak in 2005.

But if we take a look back at what really happened between the two stars, we might realize there is a chance after all… A fan who saw the two hanging out together, tweeted about it and the internet was blowing up with excited comments and sparked rumors of a rekindled romance.

The then-budding actor admitted he mainly went to audition for Twilight because he heard Kristen was in it, and wanted to meet her after having developed a “crush” on the gorgeous actress.And apparently, they had great chemistry together, and it wasn’t just saved for the cameras.Although other actors auditioned for the role – like Jackson Rathbone (who ended up playing Jasper), Ben Barnes, and even Dave Franco – Rob ended up landing the part.In the meantime, Kristen and Nikki were said to be “best friends”, and were even spotted locking lips, which had everyone confused.But her romance with Rob wasn’t going to be kept secret for very long.

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