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It was renamed from John Fairfax Holdings to Fairfax Media in 2007.

The Australian Financial Review was founded in 1951.

In August 2005, Fairfax ended its 16-month search for a new chief executive officer with David Kirk, a former Rugby Union World Cup winning captain of the New Zealand All Blacks being appointed to replace departing CEO Fred Hilmer.

The Fairfax family lost control of the company in December 1990.

Many of its other assets, such as its community media holdings (ACM), its New Zealand holdings (Stuff) and its events arm are set to be sold off to other entities.

Several generations of the Fairfax family continued to control the company.

On 7 March 2007, Fairfax Media announced a new website for Brisbane, called the Brisbane Times.

The website initially employed 14 journalists and was an attempt by Fairfax to break into the South East Queensland market.

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