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107: As previously announced, all forms I-765 and I-131 applications based on employment-based adjustment of status applications filed pursuant to Visa Bulletin No. My question is, can I face any difficulty while boarding a flight in India since I do not have any valid visa stamp for US in my passport? Sure...cannot deny your experience, but since my spouse had gone twice to the SS office, first to change her name and then to remove the restrictions after GC and I as well; on all occasions we were never asked for the old SS nor did they take it when we offered. I see the following in the USCIS website: "Filings made Pursuant to Visa Bulletin No. I will be carrying my I-485 receipt and my AP for this travel. i didnt see a single approval in eb3 category for india.Hi Arun Antonio, I recently booked a visa appointment for my daughter at Chennai consulate. The problem you are facing may be due to pop up blocking. On or after July 30, 2007, those applications may not be electronically filed and must be submitted to a Service Center via regular mail or courier service." Can somebody clarify this please? I did not apply for EAD with my I-485 during July VB fiasco, but I efiled with the new filing fee in September 07 and got it approved in 2 months. I am living in US on AOS pending status and working on EAD. Also, can anybody foresee any problems while reentering at the US immigration checkpoint in such a case? However, what you do need to check for is if the airline you're boarding has a changeover stop and if you need a transit visa because many airlines like BA require a transit visa if you're entering the US on an AP. why have old useless cards with SS numbers on them lurking around anyways. 107 that are submitted on or before August 17, 2007 must be filed under the fee structure in place prior to July 30, 2007. If I remember well the immigration counter in India also verifies a person's visa before letting him/her proceed on the journey. They specifically mentioned that they do not need to see old cards. That said, I would say, it is better to destroy old SS cards to avoid confusion in our records as well as...

It was a slow day at work so I had lots of time to play with this. :) A little sloppy in one spot that I can see, but hey, it wasn't for real!-- Mats I am in a similar situation where I am going to start my EB2 , however the internal job requirements for my position demand more than what the EB2 requirements are. Much has been said and (not) done so far about immigration reform.They are as following: Bachelors plus 6-8 yrs experience or alternatively Masters plus 4-6 yrs experience. is this the current position you are in, if yes you can not use experience with your employer even in future for this position. do whatever you can do and leave the rest to take its course. The murphy's law half of my brain is starting to get queasy.I applied 485 during the July 2007 fiasco and want to renew my EAD now? Can somebody who traveled outside US on just I-485 receipt and AP share their experience with me? I shredded ours at home :p We cannot keep 2 Social Security cards at the same time. i am still waiting to see one eb3 485 approval atleast and am yet to see one atleast for the past 2-3 years.PD back to 2001.

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