Self consolidating concrete purchase

In this paper the mechanical properties of SCC in comparison to conventional concrete are discussed.Examples of applications are shown, both for prefabricated concrete elements and in- situ structures.The main reasons behind the popularity of Self Compacted Concrete are listed below (Figure 1).The remaining fresh and hardened properties are same as traditional concrete.Slump flow and T500 test: The slump-flow and T500 time is a test to assess the flow ability and the flow rate of self- compacting concrete in the absence of obstructions.It is based on the slump test to measure two parameters the flow speed and the flow time.During recent years self-compacting concrete developed to research item nr. A large number of research projects were carried out, followed by recommendations for potential users.

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This product was first developed in Japan in 1997 and followed by Europe and U. With regard to the application in situ, the development is slower, because of the sensitivity of the product.

It has been observed that performance wise SCC is more capable than conventional concrete because of its fluidity.

This can reach all possible corners of form shutter, without giving any compaction efforts whereas in conventional concrete needs additional effort for its compaction [3,4].

The three bar test simulates more congested reinforcement [13-15].

The main concept of this test is to allow a measured volume of fresh concrete to flow horizontally through the gaps between vertical, smooth reinforcing bars and the height of the concrete beyond the reinforcement is measured.

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