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In recognition of Women’s History Month, in March and of her remarkable work Lorez was awarded by U. Congressman Mike Thompson as Sonoma County “Woman of the Year.” Jury Holds Rohnert Park Police Accountable in the Killing of Branch Wroth Marnie Wroth and Susan Lamont talk about the federal civil trial in which Marnie and her husband Chris Wroth were plaintiffs whose rights were violated by the deliberate indifference of the Rohnert Park Police Department with lack of proper training of police officers involved in the arrest and killing of their son Branch Wroth who called 911 for help with a medical emergency due to adverse drug reacton.

Susan Lamont witnessed with daily attendance at the trial and reports how the jury agreed with the parents of Branch Wroth and the evidence they presented, including police video cam recordings, to hold the Rohnert Park Police Department accountable with an award to the Wroths of million.

Marnie reminds us that her son was also a father and brother and friend of many and all of these relations were deeply hurt traumatized by the killing of Branch Wroth by the police. Fraad talks about the high divorce rate that is 80% initiated by women and the drop in births due to the economic cost to raise a child in the USA with lack of Day Care and maternity and paternity leaves and high cost of medical treatments.

This is a tragic and heartfelt look into the need for better understanding and training on community health issues by the police and their 911 responses. Martial Arts Competiton for Children Protests of USA Policy on Separating Children from Asylum Seeker Families 1. Nancy Wang recount their visit to China where Keelyn competed in Martial Arts in Cheng Du, Szi Chuan, China, June 14-18, 2019.

She talks of the benefits the community at large have enjoyed with undocumented persons living and working in the county.

She also encourages citizens to make use of the Rapid Response Network hotline (707) 800-4544 if ICE activity is seen.

Lorez Bailey shares her journey to her dream job working with teenagers at the Chops Teen Club, including the obstacles she had to ovecome.

She announces a fun and educational benefit concert on Sunday, September 8, 2019 to benefit Daily Acts.

Sonoma County 2020 Women’s Suffrage Project Toxic Free Future Campaign for Sonoma County 1. Leslie Graves talk about the Sonoma County 2020 Women’s Suffrage Project to commemorate 100 Years of Women's Right to Vote.

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