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A., to do commercials or sitcoms," Ryder, who was born in Winona, Minn. I'm not going to apologize for not struggling."At the time she (and Depp) were splitting time between San Francisco, L. 25, 1990) after showing up in Italy to start filming the over-hyped addition to the saga. I wish it didn't did."Overall, Ryder was still more famous for her movies (and famously adventurous choices) than for any adolescent antics, though there was plenty of harsh press to go around no matter how respected her talent was among the Hollywood set."When I was young, I was the sweetheart of the press," the 19-year-old actress reminisced.

If I was still in love with him, I'd probably say something poignant. Ryder continued to work but it was as though, after she turned 30, Hollywood all of a sudden couldn't figure out what to do anymore with the two-time Oscar nominee."It was hard to find that transition to adult roles," she admitted to the U. I will admit I was guilty of that when I was younger because you get caught up in it, surrounded by people that are telling you that it's the most important thing, and you're young and you believe it." In 2000 she starred in the man-learns-how-to-live-through-romance-with-dying-woman drama Her much-ballyhooed 2001 arrest for shoplifting more than ,500 worth of merchandise from Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills (with a reported eight different kinds of prescription meds in her purse) couldn't help but come off like a made-for-TV teachable moment: the rich kid who feels ignored at home gets caught stealing from the local mall.

"If you think about how many great movies in which she had the lead role... She's really iconic and I was really excited to get to work with her and she was amazing.

She was kind and professional and patient, because you know there were days when she'd have to wait around for a long time.

She just was completely humble and wonderful, and to watch her turn on such extreme emotions so quickly, it was just an honor to watch her work and I hope I get another chance."that she'd already been asked that question: "And I'm, like, where was I?

There's a big part of me that just wants to do good work and not have that pressure. And although I'd love to say that everything I've done has been a passion project—when of course I've done things just to work and I've done clonkers—you get a letter from [Though the onslaught of quality TV has made the showbiz landscape more hospitable in recent years for actresses no longer in their 20s, Ryder has found that Hollywood is still a lot like how she left it—the same people who told a 15-year-old Ryder that she wasn't pretty enough to make it in the movie business have been reincarnated as those who tell her she ought to "do something" about a line on her forehead."I don't want to knock anyone who does all that because it only bothers me when I see actresses I know, love and respect who have been talked into having something done," she told the ] in pretty much anything—performances that have nothing to do with age.

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