Solution accelerator for consolidating and migrating file and print servers

Top Hat’s business development model is driven by philosophies that sometimes contradict the industry’s trends but are very important in delivering the level of service that we are committed to.

Get superior service of process now by contacting Top Hat File and Serve, Inc.

Someone you can instantly monitor to make sure things are handled properly…as if they were in the next cubicle.

In the past, many businesses were somewhat reluctant to put their trust in process serving companies for fear they might lose files or worst yet, not pickup or file time sensitive documents in time. listened intently to its business partners and answered those areas of concern by investing substantial amounts of time, effort, and money into the latest technology. has a developed a flat rate for all service of process based on “zones” that extend outward from the Denver Metro area and across the state of Colorado.

Would it help your staff if they had instant, SSL secure, online access 24/7/365 to the status of your files you’ve entrusted to us? At the same time Top Hat strives in a professional and friendly manner to serve your entrusted legal documents with courtesy and respect.

It’s that easy…the benefits are substantial and absolutely measurable. If the property is vacant or our agent has discovered that the address is bad we update the file on line making it possible for you to instantly transfer the case to your skip tracing department! Top Hat makes every effort to preserve this relationship and goodwill within the community.Read the ebook: Optimize Your SAP Environment by Migrating to AWS, and learn how to accelerate your digital transformation and deliver new business value for your organization.Seaco cut its IT hosting and maintenance costs by 50%, dramatically improved performance of its SAP applications, and reduced the time it takes to complete its monthly billing process by 75%.Learn more » Brigade Group can easily scale up the SAP S/4HANA environment to meet business needs.TCO is expected to be reduced by 25% over 5 years, and speed of business reporting has increased by 20%.

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