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A match made online Song Young is CEO of Optimal Inc., a Plymouth-based provider of engineering services and staffing to the auto sector.

Pankin said it's designed to be an e Bay for technology licensing. At least one new spinoff company says it owes its existence, and its first federal research grant, to a successful search on the Auto Harvest website of available technologies.M.; Michigan State University; Wayne State University; Next Energy; and Automation Alley.Despite a tight budget, the site is progressing and will culminate with the rollout of a fully functional website."If Auto Harvest can carve a niche for smaller companies looking to sell two or three patents, they are definitely going to fill a need." One member of Auto Harvest's Innovation Hub is a competitor, Chicago-based Intellectual Property Exchange International Inc., or IPXI, which acts as a financial exchange for licensing and trading IP rights. The for-profit exchange performs due diligence, negotiates legal documents creates a public offering-like pricing for licensing mature technology.

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