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And at the end ,each member writes down the number of the opposite sex person whom they are interested to meet. I went for such a event lat year and i got email that there was no match found this time. I asked a girl in the break if she is intersted to meet and she said yes.

Just to test them, i have selected all 18 girls who attended, some of whom i am not interested at all, though they were.

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Look What this Kid did to his School after being Expelled!

The actual results have been mixed some limited success and a lot of rejection.

Definitely going back to We Just Fit from next month as my work dont need me in London as much, so just doesnt make sense to stay on this site much longer I registered on the site for one month only, as I just wanted to give it a try and was curious to find out who was trying to contact me and who liked me.

Without paying, I could not open my mailbox, as can be expected.

Not really sure how long ot takes to actaully meet someone.

I'd rate it a little above average but it did not really convince me. There would be around 18-20 guys and 18-20 girls who would get chance to talk for 5minutes and each has a number given..

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