Teacher dating students father

The fourth type of negative and improper teacher-student relationship emerges when teachers get involved in sexual relationships with students.If the student is a minor the teacher is guilty of a criminal act. Such teachers are fired from their jobs and end up facing criminal charges in the law courts.If the student has reached the age of sexual consent, the teacher will, at the very least, be fired from the job for sexual misconduct and breach of professional ethics and trust. Schools must do everything in their power to make sure that the teacher-student boundaries do not become blurred.Only a small minority of teachers have been prosecuted for carrying on sexual relationships with students but the numbers seem to be growing. Negative teacher-student relationships must be discouraged in the strongest possible way for the protection and well-being of students.However, a seemingly small but growing minority of teachers of both sexes have shaken the foundations of the teaching profession by engaging in negative or improper relationships with students.They generally pay a high professional and, at times, legal price if they are caught.

They would never breach the sacred trust of students, parents, school administrators, or the society at large.It occurs when teachers, including experienced teachers, fail to maintain a professional distance between their students and themselves.They get too close to, and too personal with students.Many emails, text messages and instant messages go back and forth among students and teachers every day.The vast majority of these communications are appropriate and curriculum based.

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