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Most men respect strength and leadership qualities indeed, but unless they are expressed in an overall framework of femininity, respect does not translate into attraction.In the last stage both understand the other sex but at their core, they stay true to their genders.Usually couples that last are those who end up doing these things subconsciously by chance and then think that they were brought together by some mysterious force.The bottom line is that if you do the exact things that need to be done, then you can make any woman fall in love with you.When I read Ali Binazir talking about women’s attitude towards dating, I knew I was possibly reading the best book on dating I had ever read.He mentions this story: But, says the author, love rarely means madly falling in love with someone during the first date.Read the book for more and also check How to make him crazy about you.

Ali Binazir shows a great grasp of human psychology and an understanding of high quality men that few other authors match. More Resources: Read more women’s dating summaries, get the book on Amazon.

Love is an ever deepening feeling that develops over time.

Which, I would add, is exactly the same for developing your passion: (read Duckworth’s research about it).

The course gives a wonderful explanation of the female psychology and asks the readers to device their behaviour in sync with what the female brain finds attractive in a male.

Here are some of the most important ideas explained in the book.

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