Tips for speeddating

After some time, however, I became suspicious of their service as every time I logged on to see what's happening on the site, it was always the same 8 guys online.Now, it is realistic that these guys are always online, any time of the day, do not have other engagements, juts to sit in front of the computer??? And when I tried to change the search criteria, to extend my search to other cities in the region, the system would not let me. So I got stuck with the usual 8 fake guys to select from.Overall I do like Speed Date, but think Ill be going back to WJF again to get my average back up - better the devil you know, as they say!I HAVE BEEN MARRIED FOR 59 YEARS AND VERY SATISFIED.And at the end ,each member writes down the number of the opposite sex person whom they are interested to meet. I went for such a event lat year and i got email that there was no match found this time. I asked a girl in the break if she is intersted to meet and she said yes.Just to test them, i have selected all 18 girls who attended, some of whom i am not interested at all, though they were.a very high turnover rate - at least of attractive women- today they are online- in two days- no longer available- lotsa pretty pictures- of a woman whose profile states she is 51- who looks not a day older than 35 - and I recognized a few porn-star pics on here as well- but maybe u cannot really fault Speed-date for that ?? It is easy to see the few authentic postings- and the pics they post- sure do explain why they are still on here- and will always be I had someone email me and another one wink at me. Also went to and when I signed in, it wanted me to pay money to verify that it was me. I've switched over to We Just now and that is looking more promising already. At the end of the day you cant go wrong with either of these sites, id say don't risk using something you've not heard anything about and stick with these types to be sure to get the most out of the whole online dating thing whether you just dip in every few months like me or you run your membership constant. I hoined and felt comfortable using it but I am missing some functions which other sites offer.

Infact i met couple of girls accidentally after and in the conversation found out that they chose to meet me and i have as well but organizers said, there was no match, which is a the organizers just cheat people.I cancelled my subscription some time ago, but having read the other horrifying reports about members' credit cards being charged unlawfully, I think it would be a good idea to notifiy my bank....Tip for consumers: Don't use the site, it has fake profiles...offers the same few people at all times to choose from for an entire European capital..seem to be always online, and rearely offline, which is higly unrealistic I cant say Ive been blown away by Speed Date.I have yet to find a way to remove or cancel my membership profile, remove my Bank Card data, obtain any response from their support link, adjust my preferences or even unsubscribe from their emails. As a matter of facts, it is my second favorite dating site after Mingle2day so I don't agree with all of the negative reviews people are posting on here.It takes some time and patience but it works or at least worked for me. If you want to contact or be contacted you have to pay for it.

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