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At loveisrespect we talk about consent because we know it’s an important part of a healthy relationship.

Without consent how can people in an intimate relationship ensure everyone’s needs are being met?

Others give out specific information and will answer questions you may have.Mutual interest is a vital part of sex and consent because it means that both partners are in tuned and want the same outcome for each other, they understand respect, have clear boundaries, and ensure both parties feel confident, secure and respected.There is really no right or wrong when it comes to relationships because they are all different, but we can tell you that all relationships should have one thing in common: Respect and trust.Open communication and clear boundaries are crucial to ensure that consent is present and ongoing at every step of the way in your relationship!Enthusiastic: Enthusiasm means both partners are excited and engaged with each other about holding hands, doing stuff together, kissing, or touching.

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