Ubuntu 8 10 updating

There is no reason whatsoever why eclipse should be unable to run.

I have the ganymede on my other computer that is still running 8.04 and I doubt whether anything has changed in 8.10 that could affect .

After that, it's time to get things ready for the big upgrade with:$ sudo apt install update-manager-core Finally:$ sudo do-release-upgrade This will start upgrading your system to 18.04.

Along the way, Ubuntu will ask you several questions about how to handle the upgrade.

Well, before starting, you should backup your existing Ubuntu desktop. My favorites for complete system backups are Ubuntu's default Déjà Dup and Clone Zilla.

I need to use eclips 3.2 becasue it doesn't support many plugins. You seem to have done that already but it really works that way, I have done it numerous times before to install plug-ins; netbeans works like that too, by the i tried with sudo option too... i also tried with sudo eclipse3.4/eclipse option too. its really bugging my head and don't know what's going on. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free.I recently switched to linux (ubuntu)from window and trying to install eclipse 3.4 on ubuntu .If you just can't wait for the final release, you can already move up to the beta by using this command:$ sudo do-release-upgrade -d The entire update from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 consists of 1GB of data.So, you'll want to do this either when you have a lot of time or a fast internet connection.

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